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Dr. Chris Totten and MSCJ student James Purdon co-author a publication

Dr. Chris Totten, Assoc. Prof. of Criminal Justice (Law) and MSCJ student James Purdon recently co-authored a publication in the Criminal Law Bulletin ("CLB"). The article, entitled "Rodriguez v. United States: 'Bringing the Dogs In' for Police Traffic Stops or Simply Keeping Them in Check?," analyzes the majority and dissenting opinions in the recent U.S. Supreme Court case of Rodriguez as well as the decision's implications for Fourth Amendment privacy rights and police behavior during traffic stops. Finally, state lower court case law interpreting Rodriguez is explored. The citation is: 51 Crim. L. Bull. 1531 (2015). The article appears in Volume 51, Issue Number 6 of the CLB. The CLB is a refereed journal that currently ranks second (2nd) among peer edited journals in the United States in the field of criminal law and procedure. [Note: James Purdon recently graduated from the MSCJ program in Dec. 2015.]

Posted: March 18, 2016