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Dr. McCafferty publishes an article in Criminal Justice Policy Review

Dr. McCafferty authored an article "Unjust Disparities? The Impact of Race on Juvenile Risk Assessment Outcomes" for Criminal Justice Policy Review (ranking 83 of 479 in Law). The study tested claims made by former United States Attorney General Eric Holder that actuarial risk assessments could be unintentionally contributing to disproportionate minority contact in the correctional system. Using data from over 2,600 juvenile delinquents assessed with the Ohio Youth Assessment System - Disposition Instrument (OYAS-DIS), bivariate and multivariate analyses focused on comparing the instrument's prediction of recidivism for White and Black/African-American youth. The results indicated that there were no significant differences in the predictive outcomes across the two groups. These findings highlighted that the OYAS-DIS can validly and similarly predict recidivism independent of the race of an offender. The article can be found at:

Posted: March 21, 2016