Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

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Listed below is the projected availability of courses within the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice over the next four years. Please note that the course forecast is tentative and thus may have to be altered depending on availability of faculty, classrooms, and student demand.

LEGEND: Use the guide below to understand the course forecast chart:
N = Course Not Offered
Y = Course Offered
Y-D = Course Offered. Day
Y-E = Course Offered. Evening
Y-W = Course Offered. Weekend
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Criminal Justice (CRJU)
NumCourse TitleSprSumFallSprSumFallSprSumFall
1101Foundations of Criminal JusticeY-DY-DY-DY-DE
2105Social Issues: Perspectives in Criminal JusticeNNN
2201Crimes and DefensesY-E
3300Criminal CourtsY-DYY-DY-D
3301Research Methods in Criminal JusticeY-DYY-DY-D
3305Technology and Criminal JusticeNYYY-D
3310Police in AmericaY-DEYY-DY-D
3311Police AdministrationY-EY-DEY-DE
3312State and Federal Law Enforcement InitiativesNY-DN
3315Criminal ProcedureY-DEY-DY-DEY-DE
3320Criminal InvestigationY-DNY-DEY-D
3340Legal AnalysisNNY
3352Juvenile JusticeY-DYY-DEY-D
3365The Profile of the Serial OffenderY-DY-DY-DY-D
3396Cooperative StudyYYYY
3400Ideological/Group Violence and Law EnforcementY-ENY-EY-E
4100Ethics in Criminal JusticeY-DEY-DY-DY-DE
4300Organized CrimeY-DNNY-D
4305Technology and Cyber CrimeYNYY
4400Directed Study in Criminal Justice
4410Criminal Profiling and AnalysisNNN
4490Special Topics in Criminal Justice
4499Senior Seminar in Criminal JusticeY-DY-DY-DEY-D
7701Critical Issues in Criminal JusticeNY-E
7702Advanced Criminological TheoryNY-E
7703Advanced Law EnforcementNY-E
7704Institutional and Community CorrectionsNY-E
7705Law and the Legal ProcessNY-E
7706Advanced Research Methods and Computer ApplicationsNY-E
7707Strategic Planning in Criminal Justice
7708Criminal Justice Policy and AnalysisY-E
7709Comparative Criminal Justice SystemsNY-E
7710Transnational Crimes and International Security
7711Human Rights Standards in Law Enforcement
7722International Criminal Justice Experience
7900Special Topics in Criminal Justice
7950Directed Study
7998Demonstration ProjectY
7999Criminal Justice Policy Research Project

Sociology (SOCI)
NumCourse TitleSprSumFallSprSumFallSprSumFall
1101Principles of SociologyY-DEY-DY-DY-DE
2000 Introduction to Gender StudiesNNN
2105Social Issues: Perspectives in SociologyNNN
2210Professional Development for Sociology StudentsY-DYY-DY-D
2251Social ProblemsY-DYY-DY-D
3300Foundations of Social TheoryY-DYY-DEY-D
3303Statistics for Sociology
3304Social OrganizationY-EY-DY-DY-D
3305Research Methods in SociologyY-DYY-DY
3310Introduction to GerontologyNYY-DY-D
3314Race and EthnicityY-DY-EYY-DE
3315Comparative and Transnational SociologyNNN
3320Exploring the Aging NetworkNNN
3324Sociology of GenderYNY-DY-E
3333Technology and SocietyY-DNY-DY-D
3334Sociology of ReligionNNY-DY
3344Biotechnology and Social ChangeNY-DY-D
3350Intersection of Race, Class and GenderY-DNY-DY-D
3354Social Class and MobilityY-DY-DY-DY-D
3360Sociology of ViolenceY-DYY-DY-D
3364Sociology of the FamilyY-DY-DY-DY-D
3374Sociology of OccupationsYYYY
3380Society, Community and Health Y-DNY-DY
3396Cooperative StudyYYYY
4200Drugs, Alcohol and SocietyY-DYY-DY-D
4400Directed Study in Sociology
4410Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in SociologyNNN
4420Advanced Quantitative Research Methods in SociologyNNNY
4434Emerging Social Issues in AfricaNYN
4435Sociology of South AsiaNNNY-D
4442Deviance and Social ControlY-DYY-DY-DE
4443Medical SociologyYYYY-D
4444Social Change and ModernizationY-DY-DY-DY-D
4445Sociology of Mental IllnessNNY-DY
4490Special Topics in SociologyY
4499Senior Seminar in SociologyY-DYYY-D